Prolite Soffit Lights

Prolite soffit lights are very reliable and have a long service life. The LED life span is similar to that of 40 incandescent bulbs, run one after another.They are very energy efficient, having a power factor (Pf) of 0.89.

Soffit lights are quick and easy to install, with two screws behind the removable diffuser. Mulitple units can be run in parallel from one 12v DC driver. The lights are surface mounted, with no ceiling penetration, retaining the thermal factor.

Soffit lights are IP44 rated, and are U.V and salt spray resistant. Service life is 50,000 hours minimum. Because of its high rating, soffit lights can be used as ceiling lights, wall lights, deck lights, boat lights. They can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial situations. They are ideal for use in domestic garden and outdoor lighting situations.


  • Water resistant, IP44 when installed on a ceiling surface
  • 50,000 hour approx (equal to 40 incadescent lamp lives).
  • High brightness 5630 SMD LED Chips.
  • Colour - Warm White (3000k).
  • Veiwing angle - 38 degree.
  • Available in square 316 SS, with or without eyelid (black) and round with eyelid.
  • Equivalent to 20w 12v Halogen Dichoric - perfect for soffit, under cupboard, marine, motor home.
  • Anodised aluminium, matt silver, and UV resistant ploymer.
  • Instantstart, non flicker, shock resistant.

  • Specifications

  • SLLED3 12v DC 3w WW LED 260LM matt silver body
  • 100mm diameter x 8mm deep, surface fit.
  • 110-230v to 12v drivers available

  • Warranty

  • Warranted 5 years. Lamp life > 50,000 hours
  • Warranty limited to repair or replacement of SOFFIT LIGHT only

  • Compliance

    This product complies with the following Australian/ New Zealand Standards:

    AS/NZS 61046, AS/NZS 3820, AS/NZS 3000

    Complies with CE