Prolite Bulkhead Lights
Prolite Bulkhead lights are of the highest quality. They are energy efficient, and have a low running cost. They are extremely reliable, have a long service life, and are U.V and salt resistant. They are easy to install, having through bulkhead wiring options.

A guard is available, which is made from white epoxy-coated steel.
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  • Watertight, IP66
  • Polycarbonate material, vandal resistant.
  • Double insulated, all polymeric construction.
  • Electronic ballasts, fluorescent lamps.
  • Multiple conduit entry points.
  • Size: 315x130x70 (DIAMOND) x 77mm (FLAT)

Code Power Voltage
PBHLED12/12 12W LED  12v DC
PBHPLLED12/230 12W LED  230volt
PBHPL11 11W 230-24volt
PBHPL11/12 11W 12volt
PBHPL11/24 11W 24volt
PBHPL11364 11W 36volt
PBHPL11DUAL/12   11W 230/12volt
PBHPL11DUAL/24 11W 230/24volt
PBHPL11DUAL/36 11W 230/36volt
PBHPL18 18W 230/240volt
PBHPL18/2Twin 18W 230volt
PBHPL18/12 18W 12volt
PBHPL18DUAL 18W 230/12volt
They are compliant to New Zealand Standards:
AS/NZS 61046. AS/NZS 3820

Click HERE to download the Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC)

Made in New Zealand, warranted 5 years. Lamp life » 7,000 hours if switched infrequently. Warranty limited to repair or replacement of PBH only.

Petone Wharf Installation
PBHPL18 model lights with green diffusers installed on Petone Wharf back in 2002. As of 2011 lights still operating 8 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.