Prolite Courtesy Lights

Prolite LED Courtesy Lights are manufactured in New Zealand and provide a convenient solution for many situations. They are waterproof and easily installed. A surprisingly large amount of light is emitted.

The Courtesy light is manufactured with 6 Light Emitting Diodes (LED) encapsulated in a heat conducting compound. The end effect is a totally sealed unit that can be installed under water or any other wet area. The current draw is only .3 watt enabling up to 26 units per 8 watt 12v DC driver, resulting in an economic unit to purchase and especially economic to run.

Prolite Courtesy lights were designed for use as domestic and rest home nightlights, however they are perfectly suited for many other situations: step lights, marine cockpit lights, deck or patio lights, soffit lights to name a few. We are confident that our fitting with its moulded stainless steel flange and retaining rings, plus alternate locknut, represent value that cannot be beaten.

Steel Courtesy Light

  • Input 12v DC
  • High efficiency electronics
  • Tinned copper conductor
  • .3 watt consumption.
  • Ambient temp; -20 to +40 C.
  • Can be covered with insulation
  • Moulded flange provides inherent strength.
  • Moulded springs for deck or Gibrock type wall board.

  • Construction

  • 1.2mm (12G) Polished 316 Stainless Steel flange
  • Nylon 6 construction.
  • Sealed construction IP68
  • 40mm (1 1/2) Flange, 25mm (1) deep.
  • Flange tested to 20 Newton (16 ft/lbs)
  • Lock nut for through hull/panel installation. 26mm (1) Cutout.

  • Range

  • PCLEDWH- Courtesy Light Round 6 White LED
  • PCLEDBU- Courtesy Light Round 6 Blue LED

  • Accesories

  • SPLEDDR: 110-240v ac/ 12v dc driver. Will drive 26 PCLED lights

  • Courtesy Light application


    They are compliant to New Zealand Standards:

    AS/NZS 61046. AS/NZS 3820


    The Prolite Courtesy Light brochure is available for download. Please click on the PDF icon below to download.


    One Year Warranty from date of Installation.
    Complies with CE